Whats on your mind??

You were at my door
I heard you knocking but I didn’t care at all
I had been in all night just staring at the wall
I didn’t really want to see you anymore

Coming from the road
You took your coat off and you threw it on the floor
You said ”I can’t believe you wanna hurt me so”
I said ”I’m not supposed to be like this, you know”
Well, I just had to let you go

What’s on your mind?
When you’re lost in time
What’s on your mind?
Tell me why
Why does it have to be this way?

You were in that dream that I was dreaming
I was dreaming in a dream
Your nylon dress and I was floating back downstream
I wanted love to come and swallow everything

Everything gets real
Sooner or later, doesn’t matter how you feel
You slammed that door shut on the night of glass and steel
I cannot blame you for believing what you believe
Well, I just had to let you go

Why do you always stay
Miles away
And two steps behind
Where the past is still living
Beautiful and forgiven
Do you not see
That you live in a dream

Linksys WRT320n dont allow external SSH access on port 443 when UPnP is enable


Linksys WRT320n dont allow external SSH access on port 443 when UPnP is enable.

My server is running OpenSSH server in my home network, I connect to that machine using the program Tunnelier.

My issues began a few weeks ago when i tried to connect to get SSH access to my server.
All that i got was a Timeout from Tunnelier Software.
I was able to connect to my server inside the network, so the server responded fine.
But i could not get external access to it.

My first thought was that there was something wrong with the portforwarding.
But everything looked fine, i then tried to change port to the default 22 and also tried port 4433.
Both worked fine with internal/external connections.

After a few hours of experimenting I found that if I disable UPnP in my linksys I was able to get external access.
Right now im running the linksys with the UPnP disabled.

So, some application must be blocking port 443 when using UPnP.
Investigation is still going on.